Roelas adoration-of-the-name-of-jesus

The viola da gamba winding road from its birthplace in Renaissance Spain (mythical Sefarad) - through Portugal to Baroque Latin America and Japan.

 Music by Ortiz, Ganassi, Vitali, Luis Jerónimo de Oré, Fray Geronimo Gonzalez, Sanz, from the Lisboa songbook and from the  archive of the Seminar of St. Antonio Abado in Cuzco. It includes also contemporary pieces: "Sephardic Reminiscenses" by Israeli composer Dina Smorgonskaya, and "A bridge to the Past", by Japanese composer Shun-ichi Tokura.

 This program was performed in New York as part of the celebrations of the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Community in North America.
It was performed also in Lima (Peru),  Cuenca (Equador), Buenos Aires (Argentina) in festivals of Ibero-American Baroque Music.


Myrna Herzog by Eliahu FeldmanMyrna Herzog - viola da gamba solo

Performing on an original viol by Edward Lewis c.1685.