Heart to heart


Music of different countries and centuries, performed by Myrna Herzog  on a viola da gamba... alone.
The recital displays a diversity of genres, revealing the viol’s amazing palette of colors and its immense possibilities of expression. 
It brings together pieces that, regardless of the time & place where they were written, speak closely to one's heart. 


In the program: music by Sylvestro Ganassi, Giovanni Battista Vitali, Tobias Hume, Nicolas Hotman, Ste. Colombe father & son, Marin Marais, Johann Sebastian Bach and Karl Friedrich Abel side by side with contemporrary works written for Myrna by Luiz Otávio Braga, Shunichi Tokura, Dina Smorgonskaya, Günter Krause and Aharon Shefi.



 Myrna Herzog performs this program on a historical viola da gamba by Edward Lewis circa 1685.


HEART TO HEART has been performed in many countries, in the Americas, Europe and Asia. It represented Israel at Sarajevo's Winter Festival 2011 and also at the prestigious Festival de Campos de Jordão, Brazil em 2015.



Myrna Herzog - viola da gamba solo


Sylvestro Ganassi (1492- mid-16th century) - Rechercar terzo - Recercada in C
Anonymous Portuguese early 16th century - Terra donde me criei

Dina Smorgonskaya – Sephardic reminiscences (2004 , for Myrna) 

Giovanni Battista Vitali (1632-1692) – Chiacona
Giovanni Bassano (1558-1617) - Ricercata Quarta

David Loeb (b.1939, New York) – Lyric pieces composed in Chinese scales (2007)  
Windsong – Moon Gate – The long road home

Tobias Hume (c. 1579-1645) - Meditation - A Jigg
Christopher Simpson (1602/1606–1669) - Prelude
Divisions upon John, kiss me now

Shun-ichi Tokura (1948) – A bridge to the Past (2012, for Myrna)

Nicolas Hotman (b.1614-1663) – Fantaisie - Sarabande et Double 
Jean de Ste Colombe (ca. 1640 – 1700) ‐ La Vielle 
Monsieur de Sainte Colombe le fils (1660? ‐ 1720?) – Fantaisie en Rondeau

Antoine Forqueray (1671 – 1745) – Bransle 
Marin Marais (1656-1728) Les voix humaines 

Guenter Krause – Der Kleine Bach (for Myrna)
Karl Friedrich Abel (1723 -1787) – Adagio -Allegro - Andante Allegro 

Aharon Shefi (b.1928) - Known Direction – adapted by the author for Myrna  

J.S.Bach (1685-1750) – Gavotte en rondeau in GM from Partita BWV 1006

Luis Otavio Braga (b. 1953, Belém, Brazil) – Nordestina (2010, for Myrna)