Heather Bach Blessed Rain 2

The Musical Offering is a set of compositions based on a theme devised by Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. Johann Sebastian Bach wrote it in 1747, a few months after his visit to the Royal Palace in Potsdam, and printed it at his own expenses as a present for the king.

The work, together with The Art of Fugue, is certainly one of the landmarks of the musical repertoire of all times.


Ensemble PHOENIX photo Yossi Cohen light

Geneviève Blanchard – baroque flute
Ya'akov Rubinstein – baroque violin
Marina Minkin – harpsichord
Myrna Herzog – musical director, viola da gamba



Heather Bach Blessed Rain 2
"They did an admirable job…
All four players wove melodic lines into the piece's rich tapestry with a sense of balance that is the fine-tuning of high quality chamber musicians." Pamela Hickman