Myrna Herzog  plays and introduces different bowed instruments which were in use in the Middle Ages (vielle), the Renaissance (rabel - still used as a folk instrument) and the Baroque (baroque cello, bass Viol and quinton).

"The Lady of the Viol" (as she is called by O Globo newspaper) shares her immense enthusiasm with the audience. With a big smile Myrna tells little stories about each instrument, plays catchy music in each one, revealing each instrument's own captivating voice and personality. To hear them in a row is a fabulous experience, for old and young alike.

This program has been is often presented at Meir Wiesel's series of concerts for a young audience at the Felicja Blumental Music Center.


The audience is Myrna Herzog's partner in this show, wecome to ask questions, interact, even have a go at some of the instruments in the end.

At the Blumental Center, the presentation is hosted by Meir Wiesel, and is part of his wonderful series of concerts introducing the different instruments to children.