Cats are part of our lives, and as such they are constantly represented in the arts, having inspired many musical compositions over the centuries.


Myrna Herzog conceived and PHOENIX presents a program of music about Cats, written by five centuries of composers, from the Renaissance to modern times, from Lasso, Banchieri and Scarlatti through Rossini and Mozart to Milhaud, Boris Yoffe and Yehezkel Braun.


 Cats4 light
Myrna Herzog - musical director
Benny Hendel - narrator

Macarena Lopez Lavin -soprano
Tamar Kleinberger - soprano
Yuval Ben-Ozer - tenor

Amit Tiefenbrunn - treble viol
Riki Or - tenor viol
Alexandra Polin - bass viol
Myrna Herzog - bass viol
Adi Silberberg - recorders
Zohar Shefi - organ 
Dafna Gan - harpsichord