Continuing our ongoing Bach cycle, this is a special program of Bach trio sonatas for organ BWV 525-530 in a chamber version: 3 of the trio-sonatas as solo instrument+cembalo obligatto (traverso+cembalo, violin+cembalo and gamba+cembalo) and 3 as full-fledged trios. 


According to Dr. Uri Golomb, "Bach’s Trio Sonatas for organ might have been based on works for a “standard” trio sonata ensemble (two melodic instruments and continuo). When they are arranged for such an ensemble, the resulting performances display a palpable sense of dialogue which is sometimes missing in performances of the original versions".


PHOENIX Naama Lion Marina Minkin Noam Schuss Myrna Herzog reddish



 Na'ama Lion (traverso) 
Noam Schuss (baroque violin) 
Marina Minkin (harpsichord) 
Myrna Herzog (viola da gamba & musical direction)



"One can thank Ensemble PHOENIX for this experience. This was one of the most beautiful concerts of this season! Top artists and profound, painstaking work. To anyone not familiar with these works on organ, it might have seemed that these trio sonatas were scored for the PHOENIX quartet instrumentation. In tailored melodic lines that “sang”, at no time overloaded with showy ornaments, the players’ clarity of texture and lightness were all to the good of Bach’s ingenious counterpoint. This was playing of commitment, of beauty of melodies, of inner dialogue, of sincerity and musical persuasiveness.". Pamela Hickman