Benny Hendel    narrator, actor, baritone

Benny Hendel

Benny Hendel is one of Israel's most prominent presenters in the fields of art and culture. With a career of over thirty years at “Kol Israel”, the Israeli Public Radio, he is an accomplished interviewer, editor and producer of radio programs on science, music, art, language, philosophy and culture. He is also an actor, reader of poetry & prose and master of ceremonies at Israel's universities, museums and research institutions.

In concerts and musical events he has appeared as narrator and MC with the Jerusalem Symphonic Orchestra, the Herzliya Chamber Orchestra, the Keshet Baroque Orchestra and the PHOENIX ensemble.

Benny Hendel is a translator of poetry and prose. Among his translations into Hebrew are poems by W. Wordsworth, A. A. Milne and Shel Silverstein.

Mr. Hendel studied Indo-European Linguistics & English Language and Literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is member of several institutions and associations geared to the furthering of inter-cultural & intra-cultural dialogue & understanding. He masters several languages: Hebrew, English, German, Yiddish & Romanian.

"Benny Hendel's narration came over as polished, highly intelligent, witty and discreet, capturing the various accents and impersonations to perfection. The Jerusalem Post, Israel (review to the Shakespeare program)."

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