Alma Mayer   cornetto, recorders, dulcian, baroque bassoon

Alexander Fine photo Andres Lacko

 Alma is a unique cornettist and multi-instrumentalist specializing mainly in the wind instruments and music of the renaissance and baroque eras.

Initially self-taught in the lack of a local teacher, Alma started exploring the cornetto during her B.Mus recorder studies in Jerusalem, and later on graduated with M.Mus in early-music performance practice, “melody instruments” (recorder, cornetto, baroque-bassoon/dulcian) from Utrecht’s Conservatorium. Alma continues challenging herself to know more about historical winds, and is the only cornetto player from Israel.

Alma has performed with the major early music ensembles in Israel and with well-known international ensembles and conductors, and took part in many music festivals in Europe and Israel. She is a regular member of Ensemble PHOENIX since 2015 and of Ensemble-1684  (Gregor Meyer, Leipzig) since 2018. In addition to being a performing musician, Alma is also active as an arranger, editor, producer and mentor.

Currently splitting her time between Utrecht (NL) and Israel, Alma enjoys vegan food, exploring the depths of the human consciousness, relaxing by the Utrecht canals, and volunteering as a foster home for tiny kittens.

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