Omer Schonberger   baroque guitar, vihuela, baroque charango



Omer Schonberger (born. 1990) is a guitarist who specialized in playing jazz for many years and is one of the most prominent musicians of the younger generation ofjazz musicians in Israel.

In 2011 Omer founded the group called "Dibuk" along with Offir Benjaminov and Tom Bollig. Omer has played with: Eli Degibri, the "3 Cohens", Shem Tov Levy and is a frequent guitar player for Alon Oleartchik's Band. Since 2013 Omer has been living in Brooklyn New York, working with his band "The O".

Omer is also the leader of  a musical group named 'Burlesque'. He is a member of ensemble PHOENIX since 2009, playing the baroque guitar, the vihuela and the baroque charango in different projects.

PHOENIX members (in random order)