No one concert this group performs is conventional… One cannot deny PHOENIX’s superb musicianship in whatever it tackles. Those of us looking for first class performance will never be disappointed by PHOENIX. It has set new standards for Early Music performance in Israel.” Go Jerusalem


Coming concerts


Tarantela Napoletana

tarantellaPassion, extravagance, a fusion of  sacred and popular music in Spanish Baroque Naples. In the program  the Israeli premiere of  Cristofaro Caresana' theatrical cantatas  La Tarantella, La Veglia and La Caccia del Toro  together with Neapolitan folk songs and instrumental works by Andrea Falconieri.



Of Shadows & Angels

Leonardo da VinciA mystical program brings us the best of Baroque imagination:  chariots of shadows carrying the Night while Angels glide in the skies,  bright and fair.  Starring Sharon Rostorf and a super team of PHOENIX musicians.



The varied rainbow of bowed instruments

rainbow-266049Myrna Herzog plays and introduces different bowed instruments which were in use in the Middle Ages (vielle), the Renaissance (rabel or rabeca - still used as a folk instrument) and the Baroque (baroque cello, bass viola da gamba and quinton).


El Viaje desde Madrid a Cusco

Camino Inca CuscoA program of Spanish and Latin-American music from the archives the Seminario de Santo Antonio Abad de Cusco, conceived and directed by Myrna Herzog joining members of PHOENIX and Argentinian musicians. The concert takes place in Buenos Aires.


Tous les Matins du Monde

Lubin Baugin paintingA Viol solo recital by Myrna Herzog in Istambul & Rio de Janeiro. New music for the viol as well as music by Ste. Colombe, Lully and Marais related to Alain Corneau's film Tous les Matins du Monde, followed by a lecture on the film's main character, the elusive figure of Mr. de Ste. Colombe.



Rameau: Tradition & Innovation

RAMEAU-garden slide

The program is fully devoted to Jean-Philippe Rameau's Pièces de Clavecin en Concert, the sole chamber music work by the great composer. Immagination, refinement, pathos and boldness make those works a delight and a privilege to hear.




Memories from Spain

phoenix 486ba755A viola da gamba solo recital by Myrna Herzog in Buenos Aires: The viola da gamba winding road from its birthplace in Renaissance Spain (mythical Sefarad) to Baroque Latin America and Japan.