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No one concert this group performs is conventional… One cannot deny PHOENIX’s superb musicianship in whatever it tackles. Those of us looking for first class performance will never be disappointed by PHOENIX. It has set new standards for Early Music performance in Israel.” Go Jerusalem


"Ensemble PHOENIX: for the ones looking for baroque programs with originality and quality." Yedioth Aharonoth


Passion and Madness


PASSION & MADNESS is more than a concert, it is a musical theatre play by Myrna Herzog, featuring music and texts by English 17th century composers and playwrights on the theme.  “One of the current season’s most exciting and unique concerts … a new and inspiring program, one stamped with PHOENIX Ensemble’s signature high quality performance. Not to be missed."  Pamela Hickman



The embarkation for Cythera

Embarkation for Cythera

Reproducing the experience of a French salon, we have an imaginary promenade into the mythological isle of Cythera, through the magical sound of original French 18th century instruments: two pardessus de viole made by Guersan and Fleury, a bass viol made by Castagnery and a copy of Bertrand, accompanied by harpsichord. Music by Rameau, Couperin, Jean-Baptiste Antoine Forqueray, Francesco Guerini ( 17..- 17.. ), Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer (1705-1755) ,  Alexandre de Villeneuve (1677-175?) , Roland Marais and arrangements of Corelli for 2 pardessus by Villeneuve. French wine and snacks will be served. 


Cerco e ricerco il core

Paris Bordone A Pair of Lovers 1540sA beguiling and expressive dialogue between our guest, Italian baroque violinist Fabrizio Longo, and singer Einat Aronstein, acompanied by Aviad Stier on the harpsichord and Myrna Herzog on the viol. The program full of surprises brings us works of Banchieri, Corelli, Bournonville, Vivaldi and Astier. 




nabucco square

After the great success PHOENIX's Israeli premiere of Il Diluvio Universale by Michelangelo Falvetti (1642-92) at the Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival in Israel,  PHOENIX now performs the world premiere of the complete NABUCCO, the other extant work by the rediscovered composer,  never presented in its entirety in modern times. The superb Sicilian baroque six-voice oratorio is based on the Book of Daniel, and was used by Falvetti and his librettist Giatini to convey Sicily's national struggle. 


Glamour and Fashion: London in the 18th century


In the second  half of the 18th century London was a city of unrivaled riches. Ignited by the arrival of the adventurous musical figures of Giardini, J.C. Bach and K.F. Abel, and fueled by the continuous influx of excellent foreign musicians such as Haydn and Stamitz, its concert life set the pace for European cities.  This program brings a taste of this amazing times, with works by  Haydn, Stamitz, J.C. Bach and Abel.


J.S. Bach: A praise to God in Zion

jerusalem from the mount of olives slide

Some of the most beautiful and moving arias were written by Johann Sebastian Bach for the alto voice. Alon Harari & PHOENIX will perform a collection of those, taken from the cantatas as well as from St. John and St. Matthew Passions. The program is completed by two magnificent trio-sonatas by the great master.


A Brazilian Requiem for a Portuguese Queen


The year of 2017 will mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of Father José Maurício Nunes Garcia (1767-1830), the most important Brazilian colonial composer.
His works, never heard in Israel, got a new dimension with the arrival to Brazil of the Portuguese Royal Family in 1808, who would rule Portugal from Rio de Janeiro.
Our program focuses on his famous 1816 Requiem composed for the Mother-Queen Maria I, complemented by works of Marcos Portugal, who shared with José Maurício the post of chapel master, as well as in some popular music of the time.
Those works will be performed on period instruments, including classical clarinets, flutes, bassoons, natural horns , early timpani and period string instruments.


Il Diluvio Universale

Il Diluvio Michelangelo-slide

"A piece of history, in the history of baroque concerts in Israel: "Il Diluvio Universale", the wonderful Sicilian baroque oratorio by Michelangelo Falvetti (1642-1692) appeared for the first time in a public concert in Israel, signed by five of the finest Israeli singers and Ensemble PHOENIX conducted by Myrna Herzog". Hagai Hitron, HaAretz.  
"Myrna Herzog has once again thrilled festival audiences, introducing them to a little-known and rare Baroque treasure that recounts a well-known Bible story with freshness and magic.” Pamela Hickman